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Manufacturers Blurb
The VR computers are the most up to date computers on the market and we aim to keep them right there on the cutting edge of technology by adding useful options and fun features all the time. They are truly dive computers for the 21st century, interactive tools which meet the needs and match the lifestyle of those of you who are used to the advantages of mobile phones and PDAs in your surface existence and want similar technology to accompany you on your underwater adventures.

Convenient and user-friendly
User-changeable AA battery either 1.6V alkaline or 3.6V lithium

Easy-to-open battery cap with purpose-built key

External Switches mean the computers are fully programmable underwater

Variable light settings

Right / left wrist mountable,

Multi Gas Programmable
You can install up to 10 pre-set gases in the VR3’s gas list; air, oxygen or any nitrox, trimix or heliox mixture. In the VR2 you can install up to 4 gases, air and nitrox mixtures only. The VR2 has a gauge mode so it can also double as a bottom timer.

The great thing with the VR computers is that no matter which gases are in the gas list, if you ever start a dive and realise on the way down that you have forgotten to set a gas you can always do this underwater and then carry on with your dive, making the appropriate deco adjustments.

Colour your world!
Choose our VR2 Splash or VR3 Spectrum models and you will be the proud owner of the world’s first full colour dive computer. With the backlight keeping the colours bright at any depth, you will be amazed at the difference from standard monochrome screens.

VR2s and VR3s grow with you as your diving career progresses. Start off with the base Air and Nitrox model and if you eventually get into rebreather diving you do not need a new dive computer, you just upgrade your VR2 or VR3. If you have a VR3 it will even grow with you when you get into trimix diving!

Unique Analyser function
With the optional analyzer mode enabled and cable fitted these are the only dive computers capable of operating also as an oxygen analyzer. Place the sensor on the end of the cable into the gas stream, measure the oxygen reading and set that into your gaslist. Very easy to use and saves you buying a separate analyzer.

Rebreather Interfaces
With the optional rebreather mode enabled and the cable fitted the VR2 and VR3 are able to link up with both closed and semi-closed rebreathers to provide real time PO2 decompression monitoring and independent oxygen monitoring.

Dive Logging Software
VR2 and VR3 owners can buy our Prodive dive logging software package that will enable them to download dives from your dive computer into a PC as well as upload gas profiles. A sample ProDive CD is supplied free of charge with each computer so that you can see how the programme works.

Reliable decompression algorithm.
Proplanner was one of the first desk top decompression software programmes and it forms the basis for the decompression algorithm in the VR2 and VR3. It is based on the Buhlmann ZHL 16 algorithm and, in line with current thinking in decompression science, incorporates 2 minute deep stops on the ascent. These are designed to reduce the formation of microbubbles, which are thought to contribute to decompression illness.

Excellent Local Service Back Up
We have a wide network of knowledgeable dealers in the UK and all over the world; we have a comprehensive website where you can find the answers to most questions you might have. And if all else fails you can always contact our Technical Support people, www.vr3.co.uk.


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3 Responses to “VR3 Dive Computer”

  1. admin wrote on March 6th, 2009:

    Overall Rating44444
    Safety / Reliability44444

    I have had a VR3 diving computer for about 2 years now and I can not fault it. It is the ultimate diver bling for a start.
    Very good peace of kit but very expensive. By far the most important thing you need to know about these computers is that they are upgradable. Delta P have a unique approach to upgrades. If you buy a basic VR3 most of the advanced features are actually there in the software but you can not access them without a PIN to switch them on. So if after a couple of years you get into tri mix then you can activate the tri mix features by buying a pin from Delta P and entering it into the VR3. Hey presto instant upgrade. And its not just software either. There is an upgrade path for the hardware as well. So actually if you would normally have been replacing computers all the time as you advance then the VR3 is not so expensive.
    It is an advanced computer and allows many different gasses to be set up and switched during a dive.
    I do find that the navigation around the menus is a little awkward and also from diving with friends I have found the VR3 to be constantly the most conservative computer. Even when its set on least conservative.
    Personally I view this as a good thing and kind of like the way the VR3 is looking after me.
    As standard the VR3 will prompt you for short deep stops, again this nicely fits with the way I dive. I am a firm believer in micro bubble stops.
    Another good thing about this computer and reflects its targeting at more experienced divers is the way it deals with dive protocol breaches. It does not “lock you out” for the day which is very annoying if you have only slightly strayed. Instead it continues to make its best assumptions about your tissue absorption and warns you that you need to refer to manual tables. A more mature and sensible attitude and safer if you breached you protocols in an emergency that is ongoing.
    The VR3 also has a little accessory port on the side that is oriented so that a cable attached to it can pass up your arm. This is capable of all kinds of function both in and out of the water. For instance you can buy an Oxigen analyzer probe that plugs into it. Then instead of setting up a gas manually you just sample the bottle directly with the analyzer and it stores the gas mix. Automatically adding the gas to your list.

  2. Sani wrote on November 26th, 2009:

    Overall Rating55555
    Safety / Reliability55555

    This is the ultimate diving bling. Very serious kit that you should have if you are thinking of going deep. I know a guy who wears two of these for redundancy.
    If you are planning to go technical and can afford it you can not find a better computer.

  3. Baz D wrote on November 26th, 2009:

    Overall Rating55555
    Safety / Reliability55555

    Delta P take there after sales seriously. You can upgrade through almost any combination of features. Not just software but hardware too.
    I do think mine is a little conservative but better safe than sorry. I like that fact that if you need a battery you can just stick in a normal AA and it will last quite a while.
    Very good computer.

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