Anderson Reef

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The Reef is around half a mile from the coast, exiting Abercatle harbour head east for approximately half mile, there is a large orange buoy marking the start of the reef, the depth here is 13.5 meters, the current runs west to east, the drift will take you around two miles on an average 40 minute dive, maximum depth 20 meters, vis can be from as little as two meters on a bad day to as much as ten meters on a good day.

Make sure that you use a SMB on this dive, top tip, watch for the large boulders, these can be as much as two meters in size, I was drifting a meter from the bottom taking in the marine life and made contact with one of the boulders; take it from me it hurts

What you will see
Elephant hide sponge, Yellow hedgehog sponge, Boring sponge, Yellow stag horn sponge, Deadmen s fingers, Snakes lock anemones, Devonshire cup corals, Double spiral worm,Ccandy striped flatworm, Ross worms, Painted top shells, Spiral bryozoans, Pentapora (potato crisp bryozoan) Bloody henrys, Light bulb sea squirts, Gooseberry sea squirts, Rock cook, Ballan wrasse, Goldsinny, Leopard spotted goby, Dog fish, Pollock, Spider crab, Lobster

Address Anderson Reef
Town Abercastle
County West Wales
lat 51.964259802102880
Lng -5.123963356018066



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