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Near Felipe s Place, shares some of its attributes. It shares the same buoy and descends to a similar terrace, at 30 ft, with similar dense coral cover by which it is characterized, with many soft and feathery corals, pillar corals, and schools of small fish. The difference begins after descending by a sandy channel to 80 ft, when one must cross a crevice. Beginning there, it leads you towards the south and follows along a pronounced slope of a submarine hill, by the edge of a shelf which plunges into a great depth, but for the safety you should only descend to a maximum of 120 ft. The slope presents large lettuce corals (Agaricia) and, along the edge of a slope, you encounter dense schools of creole wrass (Chromis cyanea) and intense blue colored fish which feeds on plankton in middle waters above the reef. The shelf has abundant sponges, octocorals, and whip corals which project out on the abyss, from a densely covered with encrusting algae, among cavities which serve as refuges for many invertebrates and fish.

Phone 239.281.6692
Town Old Providence Island
lat 13.394796388863051
Lng -81.406459808349610



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