Elbow Reef

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N 25° 08.820
W 080° 15.190
Key Largo Fl. Elbow Reef is a popular dive spot because of its beautiful reefs that have grown around some very old shipwrecks. The Gulf Stream passes closer to Elbow than many other Key Largo reefs which means in exchange for a bit of current, the water on Elbow is usually a very clear blue to the sandy bottom. The area is sometimes called “wreck reef” because of the many ship remnants that have been found at this spot. Elbow is marked by a 36-foot light tower. There are many coral fingers in this spur-and-groove formation. There are also ledges for exploration which shelter large amounts of marine life.The depth ranges from 25fsw to 55fsw. The deepest portion of the reef is the southern section which is marked by a buoy. Here the bottom slopes toward a ledge known as “Nelson s Ledge”. At the ledge the bottom drops more steeply to sandy bottom at 85fsw. Giant barrel sponges, brain and star corals cover the bottom. GPS Location N 25° 08.820 W 080° 15.190

Address N 25 08.820 W 080 15.190
Town Key Largo
County FL
lat 25.000000000000000
Lng -80.000000000000000

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