Hema 1

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Site: Hema 1

Location: 3 miles off the south coast of Grenada

Description: Freighter

Length: 50 metres (170 feet)

Depth: 30 metres (100 feet)

In the early morning hours of March 5th 2005 a freighter who had
offloaded its cargo in Grenada, was on its way back to Trinidad empty.
Seas were rough and the freighter started to take on water.
Unfortunately the bilge pump did not work as it supposed to. The
owner/captain tried to make it back to Grenada s safe harbour but
failed. Grenada coastguard rescued all crew members, but the ship had
to be abandoned. It sank approximately 3 miles off the south coast of

The freighter named Hema 1, was registered in
Kingston, St. Vincent and its owner just had refurbished it with a new
engine. For several years the ship served as an inter-island freighter.
It was built in 1963 in Germany and delivered as Thomas Steven of
Denmark cargo around the Baltic Seas.


This is usually a very challenging dive, since it is off of the Atlantic coast of Grenada. Most of the time, there is quite a formidable current both at the surface and at depth. However, the dives here are very rewarding, as the wreck attracts great numbers of Spotted Eagle Rays, Nurse Sharks, and Barracuda.

One of Grenada s dives that is not to be missed!

lat 11.965440743517915
Lng -61.767239570617676

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