John Marvin

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The John Marvin sank in the same storm as the Valerie E off Long Island. The storm was a surprise
“Nor easter” ( as the TV weathermen are so fond of calling everything
nowadays ) that dumped a pile of snow on the region, caused
considerable flooding, and quickly raised ten-foot-plus seas, catching
the fishing fleet off-guard and scrambling for safe harbors. Not all of
them made it.

The Coast Guard got the John Marvin s entire crew off
safely just minutes before the vessel went down. With no casualties, no
search, and no mystery, the incident scarcely even made the news -
merely a footnote in a report on the Valerie E; and the vessel not even named, in the Asbury Park Press.

County NJ
lat 39.400970931000245
Lng -74.171447753906250



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