Loch Low-Minn Quarry

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Loch Low-Minn is a dive resort dedicated to instructors, students, and certified divers. To ensure safety to all divers and to satisfy insurance requirements, no children under 12 or pets are allowed. The only exception is if the child is participating in a diving class. Non-diving adults are welcome but must pay a visitors admission charge and sign a liability waiver.

Paddlefish are one of the oldest fishes, with fossil records dating their first appearance at 300 to 400 million years ago (about 50 million years before the first dinosaurs appeared). The North American paddlefish (Polyodon spathula) has only one other species as a member of the same family.

Paddlefish can be distinguished from other freshwater fish by the presence of a very large mouth, and a long, paddle-shaped snout (called a rostrum) that is about one third the length of the body. Paddlefish are one of the largest freshwater fishes in North America, commonly reaching 5 feet or more in length and 60 pounds in weight. The largest paddlefish on record was caught in Iowa and weighed 198 pounds. Although determining their age is difficult, some studies have recently estimated that paddlefish may live in excess of 50 years.

Link http://www.lochlow-minn.com/
Phone 423-746-0798
Address 116 County Road 420
Town Athens
County TN
Postcode 37303
lat 35.480382237980386
Lng -84.510612487792970

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