Purple Rain

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Location: Near Mourne Rouge Beach, St Georges

Description: Reef / drift

Depth: 6 – 28 metres (20 – 92 feet)

Visibility: 25 metres (80 feet)

Purple rain is so called because of the large number of Creole Wrasse descending in the waters like raindrops. The reef is made up of
two ridges running parallel to the coastline and makes a nice relaxing
dive. The reef top teems with life and there are millions of micro fish
living in the reef. Although it is a drift dive, the current is usually gentle.

From the hundreds of fish you can expect to see
here, you might see Moray eels, Creole Wrasse, spotted Drumfish, spotted Trunkfish, Cowfish, trumpetfish, lobsters, sqirrelfish, and banded shrimp to name just a very few.


lat 12.025973318435513
Lng -61.771874427795410

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