Sand Hollow

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Sorry my information on this site is not the best. It is a cold water lake, best to dive in September-October. You will need a 5-7mm full wet suit or dry suit to dive other than late in season. Dove one in April with 6.5mm hood gloves the works and froze. It is much better in the late fall. I have a friend that uses a 3mm shorty then, but he is better with the cold than I. There is a small plane with a geo-cash. It is used for the resque and dive master classes and is fun to navigate to. There is good small mouth bass fishing and a camp site, but I m afraid you can t spear fish there yet.

Phone (435) 680-0715
Address Sand Hollow Utah State Park
Town Hurricane
County UT
Postcode 84737
lat 37.119640242853755
Lng -113.381918370723720



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