Snapper Shoal

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In the middle of the intensely blue waters, resulting from the reflection of the light over the white sands at the depth of 45 ft, one descends until a sandy underwater platform of disperse stony and soft corals. A few meters to the west, one encounters a little wall of 10 to 18 ft that leads to another sandy platform at 65 ft. The wall, perpendicular, with numerous cracks, projections and rocky openings, densely covered by reef organisms brilliantly colored by the effect of the shadow, constitutes the principal attraction of the site. The great landscape beauty, appreciable thanks to the clarity of the blue waters, is exceptional for divers, with or without experience, who wish to witness life developing on walls o vertical surfaces, cracks, and shady places in completely secure conditions. It s recommended to use a flashlight to illuminate the darkest sites to reveal intense reds, oranges and yellows of sponges, algae, fish and the infinite number of organisms which occupy the countless interstices of the rock. It is a very suitable site for understanding reef geomorphology since the little wall was an ancient coastline cliff, formed when the sea level was lower. The little cliff displays numerous evidences of erosion in the form of crevices and fissures, including small creeks and river mouths.

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Town Old Providence Island
lat 13.311453148727055
Lng -81.417102813720700



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