Stairway to Heaven

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If it were not for its depth and risk, this dive site would be mandatory for all divers. It was discovered and explored by Beda Vasquez, one of the instructors who have contributed the most to the dive sites exploration in Old Providence. Beginning at 80 ft by a channel of sand that leads towards an impressive gorge which plunges to the ocean depths, from a point between 100 and 120 ft. On the left side, beginning from 100 ft one descends by a vertical face embroidered by all kinds of sponges, soft and whip corals, and multitudes of organisms of very vibrant colors which makes this one of the most impressive walls in Providence. One arrives to 170 ft where there is sandy platform which leads to a beautiful wide grotto with a rocky ceiling blanketed by impressive

wall communities unique for its species, which are characteristic of this depth; great tube sponges and soft corals branching like feathers, non existent shallower depths. From the bottom of the grotto, in a strong light contrast, the open sea is observed before you, with frequent appearances of sharks, rays, and, down below, three enormous carved steps in the coral, giving the site its name.

Phone 239.281.6692
Town Old Providence Island
lat 13.396967270636436
Lng -81.402082443237300



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