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SULOIDE (Novice/Intermediate):

a German vessel, this 338-foot long freighter, is now recognized as the
Suloide. It was on March 26, 1943, that this ship found its fatal path
while transporting metals to NY. As it was traveling along the
coastline, the ship collided with the W.E. Hutton, that had previously
be sank by U-boats a year earlier. The ship traveled around a mile past
the Hutton and took its spot in 65 fsw. The ship is very broken apart
and scattered throughout the sand because the US Coast Guard used 20
tons of dynamite to prevent it from become a navigational hazard as the
Hutton was. Marine life found here includes spadefish, sheephead,
flounder, and seabass.

Town Morehead City
County NC
lat 34.545100000000000
Lng -76.895000000000000



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