Table Rock

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The reef barrier of Old Providence is the world s most extensive flanking volcanic islands. Its farthest point, at 10.5 miles from the northern end of Santa Catalina, is known as Point of Reef, where a lighthouse stands on an islet of sand and coral rubble. Excursions are frequently made to this point, which include the cooking of fish in improvised bonfires. In its nearby surroundings there are numerous patch reefs, fragments left by erosion of the barrier, inside of which Table Rock stands out for numerous caves that can be explored with ease by divers with tanks and also by those who can hold their breath for long periods of time.The caves, well illuminated by tunnels that interconnect among themselves and with the surface, are visited by all kinds of fish including nurse sharks and large schools of fish, silvery fish. Its walls, contact with which should be avoided in order to prevent damaging them as well as getting scratched, are covered in organisms of shining colors. However, the main attractions are the caves themselves with their capricious forms and admirable light contrasts.

Phone 239.281.6692
Town Old Providence Island
lat 13.370247363415908
Lng -81.398735046386720



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