The Bight

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After a 20 minute boat ride, you arrive to this site located north of the reef complex. Diving begins in the plateau, at 60ft, from which you can reach the slope edge. You can choose whether to follow its contour or go deeper until 130 ft to look at the exuberant wall. This site offers the opportunity to enjoy, in great conditions, a reef bank in slope edge, where it is possible to observe big colonies of star boulder coral (Montastrea franksi) growing as a mass or a shingle, also colonies of lettuce coral (Agaricia sp) covering the walls and beautiful great coral mounds (Montastrea cavernosa). Big fish are common, especially between January and March, and along with the small and abundant community of reef and ocean fishes, they complete the diving scenario at this site.

Town Old Providence Island
lat 13.445222578344267
Lng -81.364231109619140



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