The Convent

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Located in front of the Fresh Water Bay, this site is reached using the triangulation between Tapou Point and Maria Inmaculada School (The Convent) as a land mark.

Descending through the buoy s rope, one reaches 50 ft, where a big sand hole, surrounded by a big coralline shoal, is found. One borders this shoal until the cliff, where it is possible to choose between continuing the descent until an accorded depth or doing a shallower immersion through the border at 60 ft. Coralline formations are characterized by growing as mounds of star boulder (Montastrea) and brain coral; in the steep slope, Agaricia shingle reef is present. A great diversity of Hamlet fishes is observed, specially the Providentian or Mask Hamlet (Hypoplectrus providencianus), which was first described on this island. It s a relaxing dive with frequent sightings of big snappers or turtles.

Phone 239.281.6692
Town Old Providence Island
lat 13.351708687171950
Lng -81.417274475097650



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