Three Little Houses

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It s a coralline platform that descends smoothly from 50 to 80 ft, where a more inclined slope begins and drives towards a sandy bottom at 130 ft. It has luminous blue waters due to the bottom clarity. The most interesting characteristic of Three Little Houses, so called because of the three houses that served as land reference points to locate the site (before GPS and buoys), is the great amount of crevices that furrow the calcareous platform and, in the slope, they form fissures in which mid sized fishes take refuge. These crevices and fissures are evidence of chemical erosion on the platform (called karstic processes by specialists), formed by ancient tunnels and subterranean river beds which caused this type of erosion thousands of years ago, when the sea level was much lower.

Phone 239.281.6692
Town Old Providence Island
lat 13.330496022991974
Lng -81.417102813720700



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